what dey wore: feeling fall-ish


first official post tho…


welcome to DEY BY DAY internet frans!

i’m so excited to see what’s in store for this new space and i definitely plan to post on a regular basis in a more “lax” way. I’m also working on getting together a YT channel (pray for me y’all lol).

but let’s talk about this cheap look tho! It had to be less than $40…

top (thrift store) was $2

boyfriend jeans (the Gap) were mark-downed to about $10

wedges (Kohl’s) were $10

fringe cross-body bag (Charming Charlie’s) was $8

suede choker thingy (Windsor) was $6

hoop earrings (Claire’s) were like $5 tops

ok, that totals to about 41 dollars! not too shabby…


i was so excited to rock this top since it was only $2 and I’m so happy with how the look turned out. This makes me a little bit more excited for fall!

let me know what you think in the comments…



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