what dey wore: shirt-dress shawty


ayyyeee don’t call it a comeback! LOL

two posts in a row is a record already, but not really tho because i’m going to be more diligent about posting here.

today, i kept it nice & simple with this shirt-dress (the Gap) that I bought for about $20 earlier this year.

red belt (also from the Gap) was mark-downed to about $3

cutout oxfords (Target) were about $15

stunna shades (Kohl’s) were $6

bag & hoops are repeats from yesterday’s look

so…if we don’t count the repeats this look cost me around $44

if we count the repeats…this look cost me around $57!


Not too bad!






i haven’t pulled this dress out in a while, but I wear it differently every time. Shirt-dresses are such a versatile piece to have in any closet.



THIS GIVES ME AN IDEA FOR ANOTHER POST! *writes it down for later*

let me know what you think about this look & about shirt-dresses in the comments! 


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