what dey wore: girl in the green jumpsuit


i was definitely feeling myself yesterday…

this jumpsuit is just one of those pieces that looks like sh*t (excuse my french) in the fitting room, but ONCE you play with it & accessorize then BAM! you got a look!

when i tried it on, i was whining in the fitting room about looking like a janitor, but the ladies in the store were like GIRL BAI! LOL

so, like a true shopaholic, i just went for it knowing that i would make it work.

and i’ll always love this olive-green!

i’m not even gonna lie. this one cost me a pretty penny.

the jumpsuit (the Gap) retails for about $80, but i got it for about $50 with a coupon.

beaded sandals (Kohl’s) were about $12

my bag, sunglasses, necklace & earrings are all repeats that i’ve been grabbing all week!

so altogether, this look including the repeats is still under $90

let me know what you guys think of this look & these cargo style jumpsuits in the comments!


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