what dey wore: don’t put your dress in a box


well a figurative box…LOL

this is a shirt-dress that i turned into a tunic by slapping on some skinny ankle jeans & cute sneakers!

shirt-dresses are multi-functional. i often use them as tops or long jackets in the fall.

this look turned out cute af & i was so comfortable all day!

i took these pics at the end of the day, so i was tired and crazy (which explains all the funny faces).

the shirt dress (Old Navy) was about $10

the skinny ankle jeans (Old Navy) were about $10

the puma wedges (Puma Outlet) were $15

honestly, i don’t remember how much i paid for the beaded choker necklace.

the purse (Charming Charlie’s, $8) is a repeat from this week.

so, this look is just under $50 if you include the purse & a guess on the price of my beaded choker LOL

let me know what you think about my shirt-dress look in the comments!

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