what dey wore: sunday blues

img_3188img_3192img_3196img_3200so, i really don’t know how i feel about this look after it was photographed.



BUT i was running out of time to edit & accessorize this morning, so i just went for it LOL.

i LOVE  the oxfords (Marshall’s, $24.99).

i’m also really in love with this choker, (Asodara, $15) so i always try to find ways to wear it.

the blazer ($20) & jeans ($30) are from the Gap.

the earrings are THRIFTED, so they were $2.

and we can’t forget my trusty red fringe cross-body bag! LOL

altogether, this look was still under $100.

honestly, i just really wanted to wear the oxfords and i was sold on the blazer & choker, but i kept changing my pants and the top.

due to lack of time, i finally settled on these and i’m not completely mad at it…

let me know what you think in the comments!

also, i FINALLY got a haircut…!!


…and i feel like a new woman!

i always think i’m about to grow my hair out and push through that awkward phase of natural hair growth, but then I’m like nahhhh *calls my barber*


oh what the hell! it’s only hair, right?!?

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