what dey wore: merch love


This is what happens when you just want to wear your concert merch…

So, this weekend I had the pleasure of going to see Chance the Rapper at Fox Theatre! He was pretty dope and the mezzanine was literally rockin’! LOL

SO….OBVIOUSLY, I wanted to wear my shirt today, but I had to be a grown-up and go to work, which means I threw on some wacky pants and my trusty blazer to turn this into a look.

I love live shows and adding to my collection of merch (which we all know is NOT CHEAP), that’s why they are a regular part of my wardrobe. LOL

Even though concert merch is also about the memories attached to them, there’s no need wasting coins on a t-shirt that you’re just going to wear to bed.

The tee cost me $40.

The pixie pants (Old Navy) were on clearance for like $8.

The blazer (Gap) was $20.

My bag (Old Navy) was $10.

I’m still in love with these oxfords (Marshall’s, $24.99).

This look cost me a little over $100, and that’s really because of the tee! But it was worth it!

Let me know what you think in the comments! And if you listen to Chance, what’s your favorite Chance the Rapper song and/or feature?!?

My personal favorite right now is All Night from Coloring Book!

P.S. I really wanted to do an #OOTD for what I wore to the concert, but I failed and had a wardrobe dysfunction LOL i got y’all next concert tho

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