what dey wore: overalls or whatever…


Sooooo funny story about this backdrop….I think I hate it. But it was cheap at Joann’s, so I went for it! 😬

But I love my overalls (Old Navy, $25).

I love the challenge of styling overalls because you can do so much with them but you have to be careful about not looking too much like a toddler. LOL

I decided to keep it casual with this striped sweater (Kohl’s, $10) and my leopard print flats (Kohl’s, $20).

My bag is also from ye Old Navy ($7).

Then, of course, I had to add a pop of color with the red lip which is Rebel Heart   Matte by Too Faced (which I got for $11, thank the lawdt for Ulta Beauty Days 🙌🏾).

So this look (including the lipstick) cost me a lil under $80.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

And also let me know how you feel about this backdrop! I’m working on getting my life together for a possible YT channel, so any input is appreciated!

❤️ Dey Cherie

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