what dey wore: NOLA edition


NOLA day one


NOLA is a truly magical place. I fell in love with a city of such rich history and crazy pride. I can’t wait to go back! I attempted to document my NOLA fits throughout my trip, especially since I’ve been SLIPPIN’ on my blog posts! Smh. The pics above are from my first day in NOLA, my friend Kei & I walked through French Quarter and ended up at the Aquarium along the riverwalk. The port of New Orleans is such a huge part of NOLA history and the Mississippi River provides a beautiful background!

My top here is thrifted. The skirt is Gap. The sandals are Aldo and shades are from Kohl’s. I wore the same black fringe backpack during my entire trip and that is from good ol TJ Maxx!


NOLA day two


NOLA day two was exciting, because we went to one of the places were Mardi Gras floats are made aka Mardi Gras World. I will admit I thought it would be corny af but we ended up learning a lot about the Krewes in NOLA and everything that goes into the floats during Mardi Gras season. Of course I used this opportunity to snap some pics!

My top above is from Nasty Gal. My jeans are Gap, of course. And I believe those sandals are an old pair from Kohl’s.


NOLA day three


This was our last official day in NOLA and it was a bit chilly. So, I had to improvise and throw on this denim jacket over my daishiki. This pic was snapped in front of the carousel park in City Park, where we checked out the art museum & sculpture garden!

This daishiki is actually an interesting story….I bought it at a Hilary Clinton rally that my mom & I just happened to walk into LOL. This African man was selling all types of daishikis and black lives matter tees. So of course, I bought one!

The jeans & denim jacket are Gap and the Pumas are from 6pm.com.

Let me know what you think of my NOLA looks in the comments.

And if you’ve ever been to NOLA, what did you do & what would you reccomend I do during my next trip there?

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