what dey wore: guess who’s back



Gotta love mom! LOL

I’m backkkkkkkkkkkk.


I could make a million excuses as to why I haven’t posted since November of last year, but I will not. LOL

I’m mad at myself for it but my yoga mantra this morning was “everything is as it should be.” So, I’m just going to continue on and try my hardest to do better.

Adulting is hard. We let so many other things get in the way of what we actually want to do/ love to do. I’m making a promise to myself to continually put the work into the things that I love, like blogging, even if that means just doing small things whenever I can.

BUT anyway, let’s get into this look…

The pants are from Gap and they’re the star of the show!

The white top is so old, but I believe it’s from Target.

I still can’t get over how comfy these Catherine Malandrino nude patent loafers are, especially since they were only $19.99 from Marshalls!

That black backpack is literally my right hand/go-to bag. I always go back to it, because it’s so easy to throw all my stuff in and it was only *drumroll please* $19.99 at TJ Maxx!

I’m so glad the weather in MI is simmering down a bit. This summer definitely started off with a bang, but I’m loving these cool, sunny days.

Let me know what you think of the look in the comments.

And if you’re a blogger/content creator how do you keep yourself in check with posting regularly? I’m asking for a friend. LOL


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