what dey wore: athleisure


When my friend invited me to Blake’s Cider Mill this past Sunday, I immediately knew what I wanted to wear. LOL. And I’m glad I did wear this, because we were out there climbing on hay, feeding animals, getting lost in the corn maze, riding tractor tricycles, etc. Honestly, it was nice to escape from adulting and just be big kids! LOL.


Lowkey, I’ve had this look in my head for quite awhile. Actually, as soon as I purchased this denim duster jacket, I had so many ideas for what I could do with it.

I love those types of purchases. When you can just look at an item and see all the possibilities. It’s truly a blessing.


Obviously, this duster will continue to make appearances in my looks…

My leggings and hoodie (wrapped around my waist) are also older Gap items.

The black tank underneath the denim duster is thrifted and the black kicks are Puma from 6pm.com.

The flip-up shades are from a Michigan-based store called Colorful Rootz. I purchased them from their booth at the Detroit Natural Hair Expo!

The black backpack is from Gap.

I love that athleisure is a thing. Since many people already live in their workout gear, it’s a great way to “make it fashion” by mixing in your regular wardrobe.  It also came in handy on this very unexpectedly active day. I definitely need to get back into my fitness routine, because ya girl is out of shape and I was TIRED by the time we left the cider mill.

Let me know what you think about my look and athleisure in the comments!


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