what dey heard: weekly spins #1

I’m finally starting something I’ve always wanted to do….talk about music and what I listen to. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m an avid listener of music ranging from hip-hop, r&b, alternative, pop, etc. What I’m listening to depends on how I’m feeling, but I mostly love a good smooth, melodic vibe. BUT don’t get it twisted, I still love my trap/ratchet music.

Like I said, it depends on the day, time and event! LOL

Music sets the tone and I love that it can heighten or affect my mood based on how I’m feeling.

So I’ve decided to throw together some weekly spins to share what I’ve been listening to the most during the week.

Most of the time I use Tidal, but I think I may use Spotify and YouTube links here to be more inclusive.

So here we go, my first round of weekly spins…hope you enjoy the tunes! Let me know what you think in the comments!


Vibin Out with (((O)))- FKJ

This is definitely a chill vibe. I’ve been very productive to this song or it just makes me want to lay down and unwind. The video is also so cute, love the gold.

Shelter- Foreign Exchange

Another chill one, but Foreign Exchange is great for that and I’m so happy to hear from them again. This has been on repeat!

I Enjoy You- Louis York

“Writing jazz standards in this b*tch!” is literally blurted out before this track starts, but once it begins, everything is heavenly. Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony make quite the duo as Louis York, but it’s well worth it.

Neon Guts- Lil Uzi Vert feat Pharrell Williams

Another amazing combo! LOL. I didn’t know how I felt about this track at first, but after i listened it was stuck in my head all day. It’s such a fun vibe especially if you have a “colorful aura.”

Some Mistakes- Anna Wise

Anna is featured on so many artists’ projects, I FINALLY listened to her and she is truly a blessing. I’m still digging into her The Feminine projects, but this funky tune definitely stood out as a feel good track!


A.M. Paradox- Brent Faiyaz

I was up late one night watching music videos on YouTube and as I was watching Goldlink’s Crew, Lovely by Brent Faiyaz (which is the guy who sings on Crew) popped up. Of course I clicked it and never looked back. He has a few singles, but I believe this is his first EP that dropped last year. I love the sexy, truly r&b vibe that he gives, it’s a nice change from the Bryson Tiller route that this kind of music can go in (no shade, I still love some Bryson). His voice is like a combo of Miguel and “Slim” from 112. LOL.

Always Never Home- Syd

I love that Syd dropped this tidbit on us! It makes me even more excited to see her perform in November! If you like Syd, you’ll love this. It’s so damn vibey, sensual and perfect.

Insecure Soundtrack

Who doesn’t love Insecure? One perk of the show is the genius that is Raphael Saadiq on the score! *praise hands* Every week I’m singing along and twerking throughout the entire episode, so I was happy when the soundtrack for season 2 dropped. I’m especially loving that my boo, SZA, has a new song on the soundtrack.

Wash & Set- Leikeli47

Insecure actually introduced me to Leikeli47 with her song, Attitude! I was so excited when her album dropped a little over a week ago. I’ve been playing it every other day! It’s just so full of energy and makes you feel like a bad bish! O.M.C. is my favorite track right now!

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