what dey heard: weekly spins #2

It’s about that time, let’s dig into what I’ve been listening to this past week. I’m pretty excited about these songs and albums!



Pour Up– Dean feat. Zico

I’m late to the Dean party! This South Korean singer/songwriter is giving you hella r&b vibes and I’m here for it. I have no idea what he’s saying (he sings in Korean), but I have not been able to stop listening to this track all week! If you google the lyrics though, it’s basically about a turnt night! LOL.  His EP, 130 Mood: TRBL, is pretty good too!

Sativa– Jhené Aiko feat. Swae Lee

So…I only listened to Jhené’s new project, Trip, once, but this was definitely the stand out track for me. It was pretty much on repeat once it hit my ears. This is a perfect song for when you’re getting ready to go out, but you’re not quite ready for the twerk shit yet. LOL. I also love this Swae Lee collab though! I’m lowkey excited for this solo project.

Boo’d Up– Ella Mai

Yo, this song just makes you feel good. It takes me back to high school when you had that crush and you were being hella dramatic. LOL. Ella Mai’s sound is definitely not what I expected, but I did end up really falling in love with her album, Ready, and I’m excited to hear what else she does.

Sky Walker– Miguel feat. Travis Scott

Another feel good song with two great artists! I really do love Miguel’s sound and I cannot wait until his album drops. But in the meantime, I play this every morning to start the day off right! As Miguel says, “Just enjoy the moment!”

Details– Taliwhoah

Shoutout to my friend who sent me this song! Taliwhoah is a very new artist from London. She has two singles out right now and I love them both. Details is such an amazing vibe and her voice is lovely. The video is cute too!


Freudian– Daniel Caesar

When this album dropped last month, I fell in love with it like everyone else, but THIS WEEK IT HAS BEEN IN HEAVY ROTATION! I can literally listen to it straight thru and then go back and listen again. LOL. As a kid who grew up in a church, I live for that Kirk Franklin sample in Hold Me Down that just seamlessly flows into the next track, Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)….


I also love the features! Daniel and H.E.R. sound so smooth together on Best Part! If you haven’t already listened, get yo life below!

HEAVN– Jamila Woods

I finally got a chance to fully listen to Jamila’s album, HEAVN, and it did not disappoint! It makes me proud to be a black girl and between her vocals and the music, she has a very soothing sound. If you’re a child of the Badu era, you will love this! Also, her features are pretty great too!


I’m sad to admit this is my first time really listening to Earthgang, but I’m definitely digging into their old albums because Rags has been on repeat. Both members have a very dynamic flow, but there’s a lovely musicality to their sound. I’m excited to be a new fan of this Atlanta duo! Also, these features though! That last track, House, with Mick Jenkins is perfect.


Let me know what you’ve been listening to in the comments!

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